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MCIA 1st Seminar At Sea

Best-in-class design and development team.

The first Seminar at Sea organised by MCIA jointly with Cruise & Maritime Voyages onboard Magellan to Iceland and the Republic of Ireland from September 12 to 24,2019 was successfully completed.

There were a total of twelve (12) agencies consisting of twenty-seven (27) agents from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan and China participated in the Seminar.

During the three (3) days at sea, we have conducted the most comprehensive and educational training onboard the ship comprising of:

  • Current development of the cruise industry globally
  • Cruise products updating
  • CMV products briefing and her future development
  • Cruise promotional offers
  • Exchange cruise knowledge among agencies from different countries
  • Other matters related to the cruise business.

All participants also had the opportunities to explore & enjoy the local attractions at the different port of calls in Iceland and the Republic of Ireland.

We are intending to organise the second MCIA Seminar at Sea in September 2020, of which the date and cruise destinations will be decided in due course.

We hope more MCIA members will not miss the opportunity to participate in our next seminar at sea.